Sneak Peek: 'A' is for Appreciating All the Special Things You Are and Have.

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Linda von Wartburg, Managing Editor of Diabetes Health magazine says,


"If your diabetes has you frazzled and you feel as if you’ve lost touch with your inner resources, this little book will help you find your strength again. In a series of small focused lessons, one for each letter of the alphabet, author Riva Greenberg brings you the inspiration and practical insights she’s gleaned from thirty-five years of living with diabetes. Each little lesson makes you stronger, until by the end of the book, you feel calm, powerful, and, yes, even happy. Illustrated by the author with sweet drawings that belie the power of the content, the book is something to carry around in your pocket, ready to read and re-read whenever you feel yourself slipping into confusion or tending toward despair. The ultimate lesson? You can live brilliantly with diabetes.  This little book will gently guide you to that place."


SUNNY is how you'll feel reading this book. The ABCs coaches you to tap into your strength, courage and infinite power to create a happier, fuller, more joyful and appreciative life. Available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. (While they may show the former cover on their site, you'll receive the new book.)


I just read The ABCs Of Loving Yourself with Diabetes.  It is so amazing (both the words and the artwork).  I laughed, cried and ultimately felt so uplifted.  I have never enjoyed a diabetes related book so much.

Thank you!!

Delia Whitfield | Development Manager JDRF

The ABCs will help you treat yourself more lovingly, with patience and forgiveness; Connect with your inner strength, courage and wisdom; Find your joy and live your passion. Living from your positive emotions more of the time energizes more positive actions to take care of your diabetes. 

This book makes a perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one with diabetes. 



By HealthCentral's Ginger Viera "Diabetes Book Review"

By Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine - "A Shot of Joy."

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APPRECIATION: My deep appreciation to those who helped make this book possible. My book agent, Claire Gerus, designer, Bill Greaves, and photographer, Michel Legrou.

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