Be a site tester while getting "Glu-ed" to your fellow type 1s 

As you read this, a new online community has been building its platform to connect all those living with type 1 diabetes. This new social community, called "Glu," is being rolled out by monies under the Helmsley Trust. 

Chances are you can figure out that Glu aims to be THE place for people with type 1 diabetes to find each other and stick together exchanging information and experiences. When it goes live later this year it will be available to anyone with type 1 diabetes across the globe and available through web and mobile applications free and without restriction.

Since the site is currently being built, they're inviting you - if you have type 1 diabetes - to help by being a site tester and send your comments to the Glu team. 

To get the secret tester's code email, with the subject line, "sign me up." Or  text, "myglu" to 41411 for a registration number.

Also feel free to spread the word. It's nice to have a hand in building the community that aspires to be there for you. 

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